Dr. Mac is amazing! My kids have been patients for 15 years and we ALL love him and the office. My little guy can be difficult in these types of situations, but Dr. Mac is a pro and puts us all at ease. Always a great experience!
- Wendy D

You are the best dentist in the Whole world! We tell everyone we know about you! Thanks again for being so awesome!
- The Telles Family

It means so much to me to have a dentist for my children who is so wonderful with them. Your caring manner knows no bounds, and I just wanted to let you know just how very much you are appreciated.
- Laurel B.

Over the past 15 years, you have taken great care of our girl's teeth. The girls have greatly appreciated Dr. Mac's jovial smile and upbeat demeanor. Jacque has watched them grow up as have the rest of your caring staff and "Mr. Thirsty". We greatly appreciate your warm, friendly staff.
- The Martens

I want to thank you for taking such good care of Jacob on Tuesday after he shattered his tooth. I am so grateful that you were willing to open your office that evening to fix his tooth. I have always been impressed by your calm and caring demeanor with our kids (so different from my past experiences)- but this week gave me a new appreciation for your work. We are very fortunate that you are our kids' dentist.
- Amy R.

Thank you for the great first visit for my son Brady. He was nervous, but everyone was friendly, welcoming and nice. The toys and magazines in the waiting area and the gentle touch and encouraging words of Marianne were greatly appreciated. Dr. Mac getting down on my son's level while in the chair I believe made a great difference….. Everyone was fantastic. The balloon, toothbrush, games and gifts were great too. Thank you for a special and fun time for my son. We look forward to seeing you in January.
- Kim R.

Thank you for taking care of Ava on Saturday. As a father, you know what it means to have people be good to your kids. Thank you!
- Geoffrey

I can't tell you what a HUGE blessing it is to have all of my kids in your care… Everyone loves coming to the dentist! We are truly thankful!
- The Jester Family

I took my son into Dr. Mac for a 2nd opinion on his permanent teeth and when they would be coming in. I was thoroughly impressed with the attention we received and all of my concerns were alleviated. The office is clean, very kid-friendly, and the staff is wonderful. Our experience was so good that Dr. Mac is now our primary dentist.
- Tarra M.

We have an amazing resource in Sarasota for children's dentistry! Dr. McAninch has been instrumental to our four children. He takes the time to connect and build a relationship with his patients. All of my children look forward to going to the office and seeing him and his amazing and caring staff. The office is clean and welcoming to children of all ages. My mother is a retired dentist; my grandfather was a dentist, as well as, having an aunt who is a practicing dentist up north. Living up to the standard of care that I am used to is next to impossible with my family full of dentists. However, Dr. McAninch has exceeded my expectations for exceptional dental health care for my family! He is a caring and involved member of the community and supports children's events all around town. I would ONLY recommend Dr. McAninch for your family's dental needs.
- Colleen S.

My experience with Dr. Mac and his staff has been nothing less than exceptional. My daughter had her first visit at 3 and I was convinced there was no way she would sit still for Dr. Mac without crying. To my amazement, she felt so comfortable not a tear was shed. They made her first visit so great that when I said it's time for the dentist for her next checkup she was actually excited to go! Every visit has been the same experience. Warm friendly atmosphere, a caring dentist who is great with kids...what else could a mom ask for!
- Anne Marie G.

I took my daughter for her first dental visit in May of this year. Dr. Mac's office made it such a memorable and easy experience for both of us! All of the staff was so kind and so child-focused. My daughter never felt uneasy, she easily complied with what they needed, and she had a blast! I would recommend Dr. Mac's office to any parent!
- Laura M.

From our very first visit to Dr. Mac, I was impressed by his honesty and best interest for my child. Rather than put my child through a painful procedure on a baby tooth that would be one of the first to go when he started losing teeth, Dr. Mac suggested that we opt out of doing anything. I really appreciated the fact that he did not perform a procedure that was not needed and he put my son's best interest first.
- Stephanie C.

Dr. Mac. and his staff have been treating both our daughters since their first dental check-up at four, my girls are currently 8 and 6 yrs old. His practice was highly recommended by my pediatrician Dr. W. Hurwitz, who is a mother of four, as well as a medical referral service sponsored by my previous insurance carrier. I am very pleased with the level of professionalism, utmost attention to details, cleanliness, and respect with which all of his clients are treated. I have to admit the first time we came in for our daughters' first checkup I was very impressed and nervous at once, but I was allowed to walk back and sit by my daughters and watch their complete examination. My oldest, Isabella, was so excited to meet and greet Dr. Mac and his staff. My children look forward to their semi-annual visits, they love playing with the toys in the waiting room as well as receiving their treats at the end of their visit. The staff is very polite and patient when dealing with the children and parents as well. I have to admit dental check-ups are pretty much the highlight of my day. Now, I get to enjoy a cup of joe, while I browse through a wide selection of the latest magazines, while my kids are pampered by the staff at the best pediatrics dental office in Sarasota. Dr. Mac and his staff are fantastic.
- Enid O.